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Friday, June 06, 2008
Can you go do it elsewhere!

Read this article in the Straits Times online a couple of days ago.

Why oh why do people in Japan want to kill themselves in such a manner? I think suicide is wrong but if you're not happy with your life and you think suicide is the way out, then that's your perogative, I dont care. But for GOD's sake, why do they have to do it in a way that affects other people. The least the suicider can do is to die without harming others around him/her! Talk about being inconsiderate!

In Singapore, it was a 'trend' for suiciders to throw themselves onto the MRT tracks, which resulted in train services being disrupted, which in turn resulted in thousands of people being late for work. And in true Singapore fashion, the family of the deceased would actually make money out of the suicide, from donations by the sympathetic public.

Back to the suicide in Japan, I suppose the man in this case did try to warn others by putting a sign on his door warning of dangerous gases. But honestly, cant suicidal people be more dignified and kill themselves in a more private fashion - couldnt they just swallow lots of pills and then down them with alcohol? It's a quick and relatively painless way (I would imagine - I've have not and would not want to attempt such a thing) and wont involve mass evacuation or have thousands of people curse at them at the time of their death. Cant be good for their (already damned) soul!

Ok, I'll stop writing rubbish now! It's mid-week and I'm just bored bored bored at work!


June 4, 2008

34 evacuated as Japanese man commits suicide with poisonous fumes

TOKYO- JAPANESE police evacuated 34 people from an apartment building on Wednesday after a man apparently killed himself by mixing chemicals and inhaling the deadly fumes, the latest in a string of similar suicides nationwide.

Police said they were called to the scene in Kanazawa City, western Japan, when a resident found a sign on the door of an apartment warning of dangerous gases. After residents noticed a strange smell coming from the apartment, police moved them to a local community centre.

The body of a man was found in the apartment, along with cleaning and agricultural chemicals that produce deadly gasses when mixed, police officer Hiroshi Sakashita said.

Japan has long battled a high suicide rate relative to other developed nations, and it is now in the grip of a wave of deaths from mixing commonly available chemicals to form hydrogen sulfide gas. The gas can form noxious clouds and also affect those who happen to be nearby, often triggering mass evacuations.

Government data showed at least 84 such suicides throughout Japan in May. Police have begun cracking down on popular websites that give specific instructions for mixing the chemicals and encourage suicides.

A total of 32,155 people killed themselves in 2006 in Japan, giving the country the ninth-highest suicide rate in the world, according to the government.

Tokyo has earmarked US$220 million (S$300 million) for anti-suicide programmes to help those with depression and other emotional problems.

-- AP

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