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Anything with Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Clive Owen.... hmm all Brit actors, I wonder why! Current fave - Casino Royale - Daniel Craig was sooo hot in it! Also, Pride and Prejudice - OMG Matthew Macfadyen as Mr Darcy! Closer, Hotel Rwanda, Sin City, Harry Potter movies and of course, the LOTR Trilogy (I like The Two Towers best) and the original Star Wars Trilogy, sans George Lucas' fiddling about!

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Salsa tops my list.
Duran Duran - Been a fan for ages.

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No particular favourite. Love reading trashy books, be it chick lit or Dan Brown/Tom Clancy-type books. Am also a Harry Potter (who isnt?) and Artemis Fowl (by Eoin Colfer) fan.

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Morality for Beautiful Girls by Alexander McCall Smith

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Orang Jauh
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Strange Music Taste

Got into a taxi this morning, as I was late for work (again).

To my horror, the cabbie had his radio tuned into FM Inspirational, and Reverend So and So was lecturing about Jesus and the Cross. Oh dear. Not that I have anything against Christianity, or any other religion for that matter, but seriously, it was putting me to sleep. Not something I wanted to listen to first thing in the morning!

After the sermon was over, Mr Cabbie then switched over an Indonesian channel. I half listened to a couple of Indon ads, and DJs nattering on in Indonesian. However, when the music came on again, it wasnt an Indonesian song. What came on instead was a country and western patriotic song about Singapore - and it was in Hokkien!


Still on music, I was chatting to the BF about music last night. He's a serious music fan, and is into all sorts of stuff, you know like Jim Morrison, The Who, Neil Young, the B-52, and punk bands from the 70s which I've never even heard of! He has been to gazillion concerts during his youth, and so imagine my surprise when he told me that one of the Top 5 concerts he has been to was...

... wait for it....

... you're not going to believe it...


*SCREAM!!!!* I LOVE YOU SIMON! I LOVE YOU SEXY JOHN! (That's me screaming, not the BF!) :-)

Yes, the BF absolutely enjoyed the Duran Duran concert we watched a couple of years ago in Atlantic City. He said he didnt expect to enjoy it that much, as (i) the concert venue was in a small hall above a casino in Atlantic City; and (ii) it was Duran Duran. He only went with me 'cos I forced him to! But it was great, it was an intimate venue - standing room only, and we were close enough to actually see Simon's (naughty) expressions, watch his silly dance moves, and to listen to how tight the band sounded. The BF had an unexpectedly good time. He was also most amused to see me behave like a star-stuck teenager, screaming Simon and John's names, and dancing as if there was no tomorrow!

Of course, I'd would also say Duran Duran is the best concert I've ever been to - but of course I'm biased, I've been to FIVE Duran Duran concerts in four different cities - Singapore, London, New York and Atlantic City!

But Depeche Mode was a close second - they were fantastic!

And The Police - Sting was sooo sexy.. mmmmm...

I wish I could go to a Madonna concert - before she gets too old to be sexy and her muscles turn into flappy skin.

Looks like I am still stuck in the 80s. The BF has hooked up his stereo and speakers at home, and I absolutely blasted Guns n Roses (Appetite for Destruction). LOVED IT! Gave us both an energy boost - he vacuumed the whole apartment and I cleaned the kitchen during that GNR album!

Then of course, there are a few 90s albums I loved as well. Like Fiona Apple (her first), Bjork (her first as well), Nirvana.. I cant remember what else now!

Let's see, then from 1999, I discovered Salsa and bought only Salsa CDs. I absolute fell in love with the entire Buona Vista Social Club series - and was thrilled to bits when I met one of them in 2000, Ocha, when I was in Santiago de Cuba. I even got his autograph! :-)

But what's strange that after years and years of pooh-poohing dance (or whatever you call it) music - I'm sort of getting into it now. It could possibly have something to do with the fact that I go only to gay clubs in Singapore and that's what they play, which is how I got hooked. Ida Corr's 'Let me think about it' is really fun and so is Kat Deluna's 'Whine Up'. Always gets me going! Perfect for doing housework too! :-)

My friends and I went for a karaoke session last Friday night, and after shrieking out the usual predictable ballads, we decided to push it up a notch. I belted out Bonny Tyler's "Holding out for a Hero". I wish I had looked for Laura Brannigan's 'Gloria' too. And then, what did we do? We went for old-school ROCK - that's malay rock, 80s malay rock, and proceeded to sing songs from Search (I sang 'Kau Pergi'), Wings and May! Tee hee, even did an Ekamatra song!

It was very satisfying!

So to sum it up, I think I do have strange taste in music, but then, so does the Cabbie from this morning!

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