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Reading, eating, dancing, singing (badly and almost always alone), watching lots and lots of telly, and of course, shopping.

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Anything with Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Clive Owen.... hmm all Brit actors, I wonder why! Current fave - Casino Royale - Daniel Craig was sooo hot in it! Also, Pride and Prejudice - OMG Matthew Macfadyen as Mr Darcy! Closer, Hotel Rwanda, Sin City, Harry Potter movies and of course, the LOTR Trilogy (I like The Two Towers best) and the original Star Wars Trilogy, sans George Lucas' fiddling about!

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Sex and the City (but of course)
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Salsa tops my list.
Duran Duran - Been a fan for ages.

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No particular favourite. Love reading trashy books, be it chick lit or Dan Brown/Tom Clancy-type books. Am also a Harry Potter (who isnt?) and Artemis Fowl (by Eoin Colfer) fan.

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Morality for Beautiful Girls by Alexander McCall Smith

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008
Who will it be?

Today's the day, when Americans get choose who they want in the White House. And all I can say is this:

Obama for President!

If you've been reading my blog, or really, just from my blog name, you can tell that I'm completely superficial and dont really give a rat's ass about politics. However, I do NOT want to see another Republican in the White House.

Enough is enough.

Hasnt Bush screwed up enough things? I mean, aside from being able to make stupid pubic hair jokes about his name, and for late night talk show hosts to make fun of his poor pronounciation and lack of intelligence, what else has Bush done for the American people?

The BF, who is a hardcore Republican, actually thinks McCain and Palin have a shot of making it to the White House and actually do a good job. Seriously? Do Americans really want Mr Senior Citizen and Mrs Beauty Queen in the White House?

Anyway, like I said, I have no interest in politics - but if I could vote in America, I'd vote for Obama. I mean, if hot George Clooney is supporting him, then he cant be all bad, can he?


Posted at 03:02 pm by spginthecity

Obama supporter..
November 6, 2008   10:40 PM PST
Yes, I totally agreed!!! I have been following US Election for more than a year and was so extremely happy that Obama won. Been an Obama supporter from the start!! You think there is possibility for us to have a Malay, Indian or Eurasian guy as PM in Singapore? Hmmm...
November 7, 2008   04:22 PM PST
So glad Obama won and no more evil war-mongering Republicans in the White House.

Hmm, I dont know if Singapore is ready for a non-Chinese PM. Not in my lifetime, I think! We should work to get more Opposition in Parliament, then think abt getting a non-Chinese PM!

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