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33 year old Singaporean, female, in a relationship and now living back in Singapore. Have lived in India, the UK and most recently, the US. I still pretend to work during the day, but still spend most of my time surfing the internet and emailing friends around the world.


Reading, eating, dancing, singing (badly and almost always alone), watching lots and lots of telly, and of course, shopping.

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Anything with Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Clive Owen.... hmm all Brit actors, I wonder why! Current fave - Casino Royale - Daniel Craig was sooo hot in it! Also, Pride and Prejudice - OMG Matthew Macfadyen as Mr Darcy! Closer, Hotel Rwanda, Sin City, Harry Potter movies and of course, the LOTR Trilogy (I like The Two Towers best) and the original Star Wars Trilogy, sans George Lucas' fiddling about!

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Sex and the City (but of course)
24 - I love Kiefer!
The L Word
Spooks (or MI-5, as it's called in America)
Desperate Housewives
Little Britain
Grey's Anatomy
Project Runway
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Ugly Betty
Men in Trees
Brothers and Sisters
Sleeper Cell
... I could go on, but then there wont be enough space

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Salsa tops my list.
Duran Duran - Been a fan for ages.

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No particular favourite. Love reading trashy books, be it chick lit or Dan Brown/Tom Clancy-type books. Am also a Harry Potter (who isnt?) and Artemis Fowl (by Eoin Colfer) fan.

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Morality for Beautiful Girls by Alexander McCall Smith

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Orang Jauh
The Rojaks Daily
Kemy and Surin
Ms Shopaholic

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Friday, April 17, 2009
Join SPG in mourning the death of....

... her Single Status.

Just to announce to the world - SPG is getting married! That's right folks, the BF of 4 years proposed last weekend!

It was very unexpected and I think I was in shock when the BF popped the question, "will you marry me?"

I think I looked at him in silence for at least five seconds before quietly replying, 'yes, of course I will!'.

[I wonder, if in those 5 seconds, the BF was actually worried that I might actually say no?]

Then he started crying - yes, he cried first - which in turn made me cry!

After hugging and kissing, we just beamed at each other, both feeling very very happy!

So yes, the SPG has lots to think about now, what kind of ring I want, when to do the civil ceremony, what kind of dress to wear, what kind of party to have... lots of planning and decision-making time!

Hmm, I think I should change my facebook profile to 'Its Complicated'... because the business of weddings is ALWAYS complicated!

Oh, and I hope I dont end up being a Bridezilla! :-D

Posted at 10:43 am by spginthecity

April 19, 2009   04:52 AM PDT
CONGRATULATIONS TO THE BOTH OF YOU!!! Now go get yourself a wedding planner!! No stress for the bride just loads of pampering and stress free wedding! Hee hee!
April 22, 2009   02:24 PM PDT
Waaaaaaaaaah.... Congratulations!!!!! :-) So happy so happy......
April 23, 2009   10:35 AM PDT
thank you!! hopefully everthing goes smoothly - will keep things as simple as possible! :-D

Guntareek - when's yr turn?

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