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Salsa tops my list.
Duran Duran - Been a fan for ages.

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No particular favourite. Love reading trashy books, be it chick lit or Dan Brown/Tom Clancy-type books. Am also a Harry Potter (who isnt?) and Artemis Fowl (by Eoin Colfer) fan.

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Morality for Beautiful Girls by Alexander McCall Smith

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Thursday, May 28, 2009
The Planning Stage

So, planning for the big day has commenced.

There's so much to do and I have less than three months to plan and execute two events. Urg. And a third event to organise for January/February 2010! So, although this is a pretty small-ish wedding, I'm dreading the planning stages already.

Let's see, first, we have to plan the solemnisation ceremony. This involves looking for a venue, which thankfully we have more or less settled on, getting a solemniser, and basically, everything else needed for the solemnisation! Then of course, there's the HUGE issue of what I'm going to wear, who's going to do my hair and make-up, can I lose 5kg in two months, do I want to have a violinist at the solemnisation (random, I know!), the list goes on.

The next event will be the gift exchange ceremony. This will the be 'cultural' aspect of our wedding, since there isnt any religious aspect to it. The only problem is, I'm not exactly familiar with that half of my culture, never did pay attention when I attended Malay weddings in the past! So I'm depending on the wisdom and advice of friends and relatives to tell me what to do.

Speaking of the the whole cultural thing, my mother (not surprisingly) is being rather irritating about this whole wedding. After the issue of, will he-or-will-he-not-marry-her and how-can-they-live-in-sin, she's now being quite blasť about the whole thing. When I call her to update her, she doesnt seem too interested in the details, UNTIL I start talking about the gift exchange ceremony. Oh that's when she gets all in a flap and asks questions like: who are you inviting; if you invite so and so's mother; wont she ask when the nikah is taking place; what would they think if they knew there is no nikah taking place; should I tell them the nikah will be next year; what are you serving at the gift exchange ceremony - will the food be halal, will you be serving booze? OMG!!!

And I end up sounding really rude when I answer: I'm inviting relatives and friends; tell them them there is no nikah; dont lie to them about having a nikah; (bcos) I dont really care what they think; if they want to know anything else about my personal life, just ask them to talk to me directly; of cos I'm serving halal food (for God Sake,does she think I'm going to have a roasted PIG with apple sauce on the side for this event??), and no, there'll be no booze, unless of cos my future in-laws want a discreet vodka & OJ or a gin & tonic!


As for the wedding dinner next year, I'm not even going to think about it for now! It's just too stressful!

I hate weddings! Actually, I like attending other people's weddings, but I think I hate my own since I actually have to organise the whole bloody thing. I tell you, this had better be my one and only wedding, because I'm NOT going to go through this again!

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