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Reading, eating, dancing, singing (badly and almost always alone), watching lots and lots of telly, and of course, shopping.

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Anything with Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Clive Owen.... hmm all Brit actors, I wonder why! Current fave - Casino Royale - Daniel Craig was sooo hot in it! Also, Pride and Prejudice - OMG Matthew Macfadyen as Mr Darcy! Closer, Hotel Rwanda, Sin City, Harry Potter movies and of course, the LOTR Trilogy (I like The Two Towers best) and the original Star Wars Trilogy, sans George Lucas' fiddling about!

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Sex and the City (but of course)
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The L Word
Spooks (or MI-5, as it's called in America)
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Brothers and Sisters
Sleeper Cell
... I could go on, but then there wont be enough space

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Salsa tops my list.
Duran Duran - Been a fan for ages.

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No particular favourite. Love reading trashy books, be it chick lit or Dan Brown/Tom Clancy-type books. Am also a Harry Potter (who isnt?) and Artemis Fowl (by Eoin Colfer) fan.

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Morality for Beautiful Girls by Alexander McCall Smith

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Orang Jauh
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Like David Duchovny's sex addiction in reel and real life, the BF and I also have a guilty little secret.

We too have an addiction.

An internet addiction.

[Sorry to disappoint, if you were expecting a more exciting confession!]

The BF reads his newspaper online. He is also addicted to youtube, where he finds ALL the music vids of bands I havent even heard off - from punk, rock, even reggae. He is also addicted to all sorts of forums - on politics, diving, money, music, living in Singapore, how to fix a laptop - whatever DIY you need doing, he'll probably get onto one forum or another to get advice on how to do it.

The BF can spend hours, and I do mean HOURS on the internet, just surfing and reading and listening to music. In fact, I was offered a posting in a rather interesting Third World Country, and although I was game to go, the BF wasnt, as he read that there was NO internet in that country! If that's not addiction, I dont know what is!

Though, on hindsight, I'm pretty glad that I didnt take up the offer, or rather, the circumstances didnt allow me to take up the offer, as I dont think I could survive without the internet either.

As everyone knows, I'm addicted to TV.

And since moving back to Singapore, I've been too cheap to subscribe to any cable channels or the latest Singtel offering, Mio TV. And there's really no point watching Channel 5 since all the 'latest' tv shows are a season or two behind the States (with the exception of American Idol, of course). And I've watched all the latest seasons of all my favourite TV shows. So what do I do? I'm not going to wait until Channel 5 catches up - which will be never - so there's only one thing to do:

I watch tv shows online.

Dont you just love broadband!

Oh, and since it's not the 'fall season' yet, I havent been watching that many programmes. I've been keeping up with:

(dont worry, no spoilers!)

America's Next Top Model Cycle 11 - they're in LA and there's a tranny in the competition!! Go Isis!

Project Runway Season 5 - there's a Cher wannabe in the competition!!

Gossip Girl Season 2 - what can I say, I LURVE this teen-drama-soap-in-the-city series!

90210 - I had to watch it. I know, it's lame, but you would too, if you were a teen in the 90s and didnt miss a single episode and had massive crushes on Luke Perry and Jason Priestly... what manly sideburns they had!

Weeds Season 4 - the show's about weed, what's not to like? :-D

And when the fall season does start, I cannot wait for these:

Grey's Anatomy, Season 5 - it's a hospital drama - almost like ER but its light and frothy.. Ok, it's nothing like ER. If these hospital shows are like coffee, then ER is like an expresso and Grey's a cappuccino.

Desperate Housewives, Season 5 (or is it 6, I've lost count) - they're going five years into the future, how can I not watch that!! Will the women of W(H)ysteria Lane age?

Brothers and Sisters - Rob Lowe. Senator. Yum. Oh yeah, the Ally McBeal chicky is in it too, you know, Indiana Jones' girlfriend in real life. She's still as annoying as ever, by the way.

The L Word - (Lots of) Sex in the (west coast) city for lesbians!

Heroes!!!!! After an absolutely CRAP season 2, season 3 had better be good! Save the cheerleader, save the.... ok, I know, I'm a geek.

Cashmere Mafia - 4 powerful women in NY, with man issues and fabulous wardrobes. No, it's NOT sex and the city, but it might as well be!

Dirty Sexy Money - it's Dynasty, without the Dy. A senator cheating on his wife with a tranny. A priest who has a child out of wedlock and lies to his wife about it? Hard to resist! Also, the other chicky from Ally McBeal and Cashmere Mafia, Lucy Liu, will be in season 2. And she's always bitchy, which is always enjoyable!

24 - Jack Bauer, where have you been - I've missed you! Though I do have a replacement - Adam Carter from Spooks!

And of cos, season 2 of the David Duchovny series, Californication. Will he have sex with other women even if/when he gets together with the woman he truly loves? Why is he so addicted to sex?

Why am I so addicted to tv?

That's it, i'm not watching anything online tonight!

(But I will watch Spooks on dvd tonight!)


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Friday, September 12, 2008
SPG in a HDB

I am finally of age, the magical age of 21!

I have freedom, I can do what I like.... oh who am I kidding. I turned 35 last week and I can finally do something I've been wanting to do for ages.

I can actually buy a HDB flat.

By myself.

I dont have to be engaged or married. Neither do I have to share it with family members.

It will be mine, ALL MINE!

The only problem is, I dont actually know where to start.

Being a single buyer, it means I have to buy a resale flat.

But what kind of flat do I want to buy - a 3, 4 or even a 5 room flat?

Which areas do I like? Ang Mo Kio, Bishan, Toa Payoh? Hmm, reality check, 3 room flats in Toa Payoh already cost over S$300,000 - can I really afford these areas?

And what can I afford?

How much
cash do I need to cough up to HDB and the owner of the flat? And what's all this about cash-over-evaluation - whatever that means? What if the owners ask me for a ridiculous sum of cash upfront? I mean, there are suckers out there paying over half a million dollars for a HBD flat. What hope is there for a poorly paid person like me with hardly any savings to afford anything out there in the resale market?

And when do I buy the flat?

HDB has ridiculous rules about not allowing people to rent out the whole flat if the owner owns the flat for less than 5 years.

The BF doesnt want to live in a HDB flat - and well, to be honest neither do I. We're very comfy in our rented condo. And I may move overseas at the end of next year.

So what do I do? Do I buy a flat just before moving overseas, so that the furniture in the current rented condo can be moved to the HDB flat? Which means I can rent out a fully-furnished HDB flat, which in turn means getting more money?

Or do I buy a flat in January 09, keep one-door locked (in keeping with HDB's dumb policy) and then rent out only rooms to tenants? Which means my target tenants are riff-raff or worse, students, who can only afford to rent rooms, rather than whole flats.


Why is it that HDB has come up with so many rules and regulations for something that we've paid for with our sweat, blood and tears?

HDB will probably answer - oh because your flats are subsidised.

Paying S$300,000 for a flat? What kind of subsidy is that?

Oh, but we're giving first-time buyers a $11,000 subsidy, they might say.

A meagre amount, with a very long string attached.

Double sigh.

I should seriously think about leaving Singapore - for good! Renounce my citizenship just so that I can get my CPF money, and with that, find a home for myself elsewhere!

And the Government wonders why so many Singaporeans are dissatisfied and want to leave -or be a "quitter", to quote one Singapore Leader.

Enough moaning and bitching, back to scanning the classified ads.


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Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Strange Music Taste

Got into a taxi this morning, as I was late for work (again).

To my horror, the cabbie had his radio tuned into FM Inspirational, and Reverend So and So was lecturing about Jesus and the Cross. Oh dear. Not that I have anything against Christianity, or any other religion for that matter, but seriously, it was putting me to sleep. Not something I wanted to listen to first thing in the morning!

After the sermon was over, Mr Cabbie then switched over an Indonesian channel. I half listened to a couple of Indon ads, and DJs nattering on in Indonesian. However, when the music came on again, it wasnt an Indonesian song. What came on instead was a country and western patriotic song about Singapore - and it was in Hokkien!


Still on music, I was chatting to the BF about music last night. He's a serious music fan, and is into all sorts of stuff, you know like Jim Morrison, The Who, Neil Young, the B-52, and punk bands from the 70s which I've never even heard of! He has been to gazillion concerts during his youth, and so imagine my surprise when he told me that one of the Top 5 concerts he has been to was...

... wait for it....

... you're not going to believe it...


*SCREAM!!!!* I LOVE YOU SIMON! I LOVE YOU SEXY JOHN! (That's me screaming, not the BF!) :-)

Yes, the BF absolutely enjoyed the Duran Duran concert we watched a couple of years ago in Atlantic City. He said he didnt expect to enjoy it that much, as (i) the concert venue was in a small hall above a casino in Atlantic City; and (ii) it was Duran Duran. He only went with me 'cos I forced him to! But it was great, it was an intimate venue - standing room only, and we were close enough to actually see Simon's (naughty) expressions, watch his silly dance moves, and to listen to how tight the band sounded. The BF had an unexpectedly good time. He was also most amused to see me behave like a star-stuck teenager, screaming Simon and John's names, and dancing as if there was no tomorrow!

Of course, I'd would also say Duran Duran is the best concert I've ever been to - but of course I'm biased, I've been to FIVE Duran Duran concerts in four different cities - Singapore, London, New York and Atlantic City!

But Depeche Mode was a close second - they were fantastic!

And The Police - Sting was sooo sexy.. mmmmm...

I wish I could go to a Madonna concert - before she gets too old to be sexy and her muscles turn into flappy skin.

Looks like I am still stuck in the 80s. The BF has hooked up his stereo and speakers at home, and I absolutely blasted Guns n Roses (Appetite for Destruction). LOVED IT! Gave us both an energy boost - he vacuumed the whole apartment and I cleaned the kitchen during that GNR album!

Then of course, there are a few 90s albums I loved as well. Like Fiona Apple (her first), Bjork (her first as well), Nirvana.. I cant remember what else now!

Let's see, then from 1999, I discovered Salsa and bought only Salsa CDs. I absolute fell in love with the entire Buona Vista Social Club series - and was thrilled to bits when I met one of them in 2000, Ocha, when I was in Santiago de Cuba. I even got his autograph! :-)

But what's strange that after years and years of pooh-poohing dance (or whatever you call it) music - I'm sort of getting into it now. It could possibly have something to do with the fact that I go only to gay clubs in Singapore and that's what they play, which is how I got hooked. Ida Corr's 'Let me think about it' is really fun and so is Kat Deluna's 'Whine Up'. Always gets me going! Perfect for doing housework too! :-)

My friends and I went for a karaoke session last Friday night, and after shrieking out the usual predictable ballads, we decided to push it up a notch. I belted out Bonny Tyler's "Holding out for a Hero". I wish I had looked for Laura Brannigan's 'Gloria' too. And then, what did we do? We went for old-school ROCK - that's malay rock, 80s malay rock, and proceeded to sing songs from Search (I sang 'Kau Pergi'), Wings and May! Tee hee, even did an Ekamatra song!

It was very satisfying!

So to sum it up, I think I do have strange taste in music, but then, so does the Cabbie from this morning!

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Monday, September 08, 2008
Cry me a river

I watched King Kong on telly last night (the Peter Jackson version) for the second time and I cried again. Yes, again.

The first time I watched it, I didnt know what to expect. I had not watched any of the Kong movies before - not the original nor the 70s version, and so I thought it was going to be an exciting adventure-type movie with a giant ape and T-rexes thrown in for good measure. What I didnt expect was it to be a real tearjerker. I had gone to watch it with the BF and I couldnt understand why or how the movie was affecting me so much. I tried desperately to stop my tears from falling, and at first I just about managed. But, during the climax, when Kong was on top of the Empire State Building, being shot at and finally falling to his death, I couldnt help it - tears just POURED out of me and I continued sobbing all the way through the credits. The BF, to his credit, was very nice about it - he didnt laugh at me, and agreed that it was a very very sad film and that he understood why I was crying.

So that was the first time. And when I started watching it on telly last night, I thought to myself, I know what to expect, so surely I wont cry again.

WRONG! I sobbed like a baby during the ending.

I'm so pathetic. But the thing is, I'm usually not. I dont cry at films. Well, ok, so I do, but at only selected ones, like King Kong. Millions of women cried when Jack died in the Titanic - I didnt even bat an eyelash and just thought to myself, selfish Rose should have offered him some space on her floating suitcases, then he wouldnt have died. [I also thought Rose looked waaaaaaaaaaaaay older and bigger than Jack!] I even watched the Mel Gibson Jesus movie (sorry, cant remember the title of the film) and while everyone else were sniffing and weeping during the crucifix-scene, I was horrified by it, and grossed out by it, and couldnt watch bits of it - but it didnt make me cry. Though come to think of it, I may have stumbled into a Filipino cinema in Manhattan since the majority of people watching were Filipinos - which meant they were all Catholic - and it was Easter - so perhaps that's why they took it so seriously.

There was another movie I watched with a colleague, a romantic dramedy about an older divorced woman falling in love with the 20 year old son of her therapist. It was a bitter sweet movie, and my colleague was practically bawling when the on-screen couple broke up. I just didnt get it - why would anyone cry at that?

Though, people might ask me, why did I cry at the death of a make-believe giant ape?

Perhaps it's the animal-lover in me that doesnt like seeing animals (including make-believe giant apes) die a horrible death? Hmm, maybe.

If that's the case, then I dont think I'll be watching Marley and Me when it comes out - for those who havent read the book yet - sorry, because I've just given the ending away. For those who have - do you think you can watch something that sad?

Back to King Kong, the BF said that the original Kong (the one from the 30s) is even more sad than the version I watched yesterday. He said that although the special-effects were quite naive (well, of course it would be, they didnt have the technology we have now), it was very emotional and even he cried when he watched it.

We're planning to watch the original King Kong together one of these days. I think we're going to need plenty of tissues!


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Friday, August 22, 2008
I love you.... but you're driving me up the wall!!

Living with someone isnt very easy, I'm beginning to find out.

There is, of course, the inevitable loss of privacy. Not that I have anything to hide from the BF. Though when we are dealing with things of a more sensitive nature, eg, wanting to chat on Facebook with an ex-boyfriend in Australia, who happened to be online at the very same time I was showing the BF my photos on Facebook - not very good.

Or when we arent able to do the things we want to do when we want to do it. For eg, I wanted to relax and watch the Olympics on a Saturday afternoon, and the BF was in a we-need-to-clean-this-apartment-TODAY-mode. We ended up arguing, with him saying that we had agreed to do the cleaning on Saturday so why was I going back on my word. Hmm, let's see, I work from Monday to Friday and the weekend is the only time I get to relax? Whereas he works from home, so he can actually do his work whenever he wants. And he gets to lie in the sun next to the pool, while I'm in air-con hole, freezing my butt off and kissing my boss' arse. He could occasionally give up his pool time to do some housework, but he doesnt because according to him, the sun in SUNNY SINGAPORE isnt out everyday, so he takes whatever he can get. And when he's not by the pool, he says he's 'working'... yes, I know he has to work, but I also know for a fact that he's also on youtube and chatting with friends on forum.. sigh!

I dont understand why he thinks housework has to be a 'couple' activity! When the mood strikes me to do house-cleaning, I just do it without his help. OK, to be fair, occasionally, I would ask him for small favours like spraying the chute cos it's really gross. Or help to put stuff in the top shelf cos he's so much taller than me. But I dont insist he does housework while I'm doing it too.

Or when I come back from work and there's is no dinner on the table. Before you think I'm a demanding bitchy girlfriend from hell who expects dinner on the table every night, let me explain how it works in our household. We had, very early on, made a deal; he'd do all the cooking, and I'd have to pretty much do the rest, like washing up, laundry, etc. Not exactly fair, but it doesnt matter, cos frankly I'd rather clean, scrub, mop, do anything but cook. And the BF is a really good cook too!

So when I have to work late, and come home to find no dinner, and the BF and I have to sit down and figure out what to eat and we usually end up going to the nearest food court, with the BF bitching about how sick he is of hawker food and could we go to a nice restaurant for dinner. Now, that does get my blood boiling. Or worse, when he's been sitting in the sun by the pool, guzzling beer, and gets completely sloshed by the time I get back from work. It becomes impossible to have a proper conversation with him and I end up either yelling at him, treating him like a baby or resort to hiding his beer (which was a first for me last night) before he finishes everything!

It's these little things which makes me wonder to myself - how do people stay married? Seriously, when I'm pissed off with the BF, all I can think of is, oh god, I DONT want to marry this man! I dont want to live with anyone anymore!

But then when I calm down, and he is coherent and sweet again, I'd think to myself - I love this man, and would immediately forget about how he drives me up the wall!

Phew! I needed to let that out!


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Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Having Nice Hair Makes Me Feel Good

So, I have a new haircut. It's a bob, ala Katie Holmes, you know, long sides, shorter back and bangs. And I'm pretty pleased with it. It's much quicker for me to wash and dry my hair now, it's easier to manage and it looks neater and healthier. Also, it's a hit in the office, I've had quite a number of compliments from my colleagues - both male and female - they like it!

Even my mother likes it - she told my sister that it makes me look younger!

But the LOL moment came this morning when I took a cab to work. I wasnt feeling too sociable, so didnt chat with the cabbie throughout the journey. While paying him, the cabbie, who's an elderly 'pakcik', asked if I was Malay, to which I answered that yes, my mother is.

He then said, "oh you look like an actress".

Tee hee.

So I replied, "actress - yeah, kucing kurap actress!"

He laughed at that and then said, "no, you look like Sofia Jane*, very pretty".

GIGGLE! Now, isnt that a LOL moment!

I look NOTHING like Sofia Jane, but I'm telling you, my haircut must be doing wonders to my face! :-)

Oh, the only person who doesnt like my haircut is the BF. He says he preferred me with longer hair and that he didnt want me to look like a 'generic Cina'!

Tough, the BF will just have to live with my current style for awhile before I grow out my hair, 'cos for once in my life, I actually LIKE my hair! :-D

*Sofia Jane - Malaysian actress

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Friday, June 06, 2008
Can you go do it elsewhere!

Read this article in the Straits Times online a couple of days ago.

Why oh why do people in Japan want to kill themselves in such a manner? I think suicide is wrong but if you're not happy with your life and you think suicide is the way out, then that's your perogative, I dont care. But for GOD's sake, why do they have to do it in a way that affects other people. The least the suicider can do is to die without harming others around him/her! Talk about being inconsiderate!

In Singapore, it was a 'trend' for suiciders to throw themselves onto the MRT tracks, which resulted in train services being disrupted, which in turn resulted in thousands of people being late for work. And in true Singapore fashion, the family of the deceased would actually make money out of the suicide, from donations by the sympathetic public.

Back to the suicide in Japan, I suppose the man in this case did try to warn others by putting a sign on his door warning of dangerous gases. But honestly, cant suicidal people be more dignified and kill themselves in a more private fashion - couldnt they just swallow lots of pills and then down them with alcohol? It's a quick and relatively painless way (I would imagine - I've have not and would not want to attempt such a thing) and wont involve mass evacuation or have thousands of people curse at them at the time of their death. Cant be good for their (already damned) soul!

Ok, I'll stop writing rubbish now! It's mid-week and I'm just bored bored bored at work!


June 4, 2008

34 evacuated as Japanese man commits suicide with poisonous fumes

TOKYO- JAPANESE police evacuated 34 people from an apartment building on Wednesday after a man apparently killed himself by mixing chemicals and inhaling the deadly fumes, the latest in a string of similar suicides nationwide.

Police said they were called to the scene in Kanazawa City, western Japan, when a resident found a sign on the door of an apartment warning of dangerous gases. After residents noticed a strange smell coming from the apartment, police moved them to a local community centre.

The body of a man was found in the apartment, along with cleaning and agricultural chemicals that produce deadly gasses when mixed, police officer Hiroshi Sakashita said.

Japan has long battled a high suicide rate relative to other developed nations, and it is now in the grip of a wave of deaths from mixing commonly available chemicals to form hydrogen sulfide gas. The gas can form noxious clouds and also affect those who happen to be nearby, often triggering mass evacuations.

Government data showed at least 84 such suicides throughout Japan in May. Police have begun cracking down on popular websites that give specific instructions for mixing the chemicals and encourage suicides.

A total of 32,155 people killed themselves in 2006 in Japan, giving the country the ninth-highest suicide rate in the world, according to the government.

Tokyo has earmarked US$220 million (S$300 million) for anti-suicide programmes to help those with depression and other emotional problems.

-- AP

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Thursday, June 05, 2008
Going Green

Warning to brides-to-be: If you're thinking of getting hitched, dont do it in Gorontalo, Indonesia!

June 4, 2008

Indon couples told to plant trees before marrying

JAKARTA - PROSPECTIVE newlyweds in an Indonesian province are being given one more promise to honour: planting trees to help slow the rapid deterioration of the country's forests.

As Indonesia marks World Environment Day on Thursday, husbands-and-brides-to-be in Gorontalo, a rugged mountainous province on Sulawesi island, are being required to plant 10 seedlings supplied by the local government, said Mr Hasyim Alidrus, head of the religious affairs office.

It is part of a nationwide 're-greening' initiative launched by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at the Bali Conference in Bali last November when million of trees were planted across the vast archipelago.

The program, critics say, is largely symbolic in a nation that is losing its forests at one of the fastest rates in the world due to illegal logging, mining, new oil palm plantations and slash-and-burn land clearing.

Conservationists say deforestation on Borneo island has claimed an area the size of some European countries and continues virtually unabated.

That has hardly dampened the enthusiasm of 27-year-old Khairul Baso and his fiancee, Andini, who received two 6-month-old teak trees along with palm, fruit and flower seedlings ahead of their wedding this weekend.

The couple is just one of nearly 900 that this year received trees from Gorontalo's religious affairs office, where they are required to register their marriage documents.

Couples are required to plant the trees to receive their legal paperwork, Alidrus said, although it was unclear how the rule would be enforced.

-- AP

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008
The Scarf Issue

A friend emailed today, complaining about what her company asked her to do.

My friend, who is Chinese, works for the Singapore branch of an Arab-Malaysian company. According to her, she was told to put on a scarf whenever the Arab/Malaysian 'big bosses' come to town! What the *%@$#&&#^*#&???!!!!!!

Her Singapore boss told her she had no choice in the matter. Apparently, the Chinese staff in the KL office also had to put on a scarf to work everyday. And now, they've even asked her to submit a photograph of herself with a scarf on for their staff directory!

What kind of company is this? How can this company insist that non-Muslims put on a scarf? It's not fair to force non-Muslims to 'cover up' just because the bosses are Muslims! I mean, havent these people heard of religious freedom? Why employ non-Muslims then? Wont they be better off with employing Muslims who willingly cover up?

If my friend was working in an Arab country and was told to cover up, then fine, I suppose that would be acceptable. All women are expected to do so, and if you're working and living in someone else's country, I guess you should follow the rules, you should try not to offend anyone. Ok, even if the Chinese staff in KL agree to wear a scarf to work, that's up to them - after all, despite being a multi-racial/religious, Malaysia is primarily a Muslim country. But for this to happen in Singapore?

I tell you, I'd be pretty pissed off if my company told me to put on a scarf. I'd be even more pissed off if I was told to submit a photograph with a scarf on. Yeah, I'm Muslim, but I dont wear a scarf and I dont see why I should, just because my bosses say so. I live in Singapore and I have the freedom to dress however I want, so long as I'm decently and properly attired. I'll wear a scarf when I'm good and ready to wear one - which is probably when I'm old and toothless and dont have a lot of hair left! :-)

So I told my friend, to make a point, she should dress in all black from head to toe, wearing not just a scarf, but an abiya/hijab, and she should also cover her mouth, and also use that metal nose plate thingy (whatever it's called) , and the only things on display should only be her eyes. If the Arab/Malaysian bosses want their staff to be covered up - well, this should do the trick!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Moreo Attack!

I dont know if you're familiar or have even heard of this Japanese TV series called Moreo Attack, about a young Japanese girl from the country, who moves to the city to join a volleyball team. I remember it being shown - waaaay back in the 80s - on SBC 8 and it was badly dubbed in Mandarin. It was also on RTM, and it was just as badly dubbed in Malay.

The brave heroine was super cute, in that typical Japanese way - you know, with big-as-saucer-eyes and huge smile, and she seemed to have endless energy on and off the volleyball court. But when she was on the volleyball court - she could do things no one else on this planet could ever do - she had time to shout out the move she was going to do, then launch herself into a somersault twist, before spiking the ball into the opponents court - defying all laws of gravity! Oh but she wasnt the only one with 'special powers', her team-mates and opponents had the 'flying saucer move', the 'five-spinning-plates' move..... It is difficult to describe or give names to the different moves since it's been so long since I watched the show, and I had watched it in Mandarin and had to read subtitles, but believe me, their moves were pretty incredible!

I was in Primary School when the TV series was showed, and naturally I absolutely LOVED it! I would go over to my neighbour's home, and we would be glued to the telly. And after the show was over, we would go into her bedroom, blow up her plastic beach ball (about the size of a volleyball) and would pretend to be Japanese volleyball players with special powers! Of course, we both wanted to be the heroine who could do somersault twists! :-)

During the weekend, while hanging out with my buddy Fozzy, we started talking about Moreo Attack and how much we loved it. At first, Fozzy said he couldnt find it on youtube - which was quite disappointing because you can find almost anything on youtube! I went to youtube, typed in "moreo attack' and only managed to find the theme song. Damn! But then, Fozzy clicked on other links - and wouldnt you know it - he found the very first episode! We were so thrilled!

It was as cheesy as I remembered! And super emodramatic too - with the heroine's issues with finding her real mother (another volleyball legend, of course!) and growing crush on her coach! Oh and speaking of her coach - OMG - I didnt realise back then, I suppose I was too young and too busy wanting to be a volleyball player with powers, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how CUTE the coach was! Well, cute in that Japanese way.. :-)

Unfortunately, youtube had only that one episode. We were left wanting more, so I went to the chinese websites I usually go to (which have the latest episodes of all my favourite TV shows) and typed in "Moreo Attack" again. Nothing, nada, couldnt find anything. But then I had a stroke of genius - I copied the Chinese characters that appeared on youtube, pasted it, and searched. JACKPOT!!!! We found almost all the episodes in there! I think we watched 4 episodes back-to-back, and it didnt matter if there were no subtitles (it was in Mandarin), we just wanted to see the moves! How we cheered when the heroine did her first somersault!

So I think I know what I'll be doing tonight, watching the rest of Moreo Attack. Yes, I'll take a break from the housewives and doctors, I'm going to go back in time, when everything and everyone was innocent and sweet, and the biggest challenge was to win tournaments, not to have sex with/break up with/murder/manipulate/etc....

PS: Still in retro mode, I also watched a Malay movie last night, also from the late 70s or early 80s, called 7 Biang Keladi (I think). It was absolutely crappy by the way - bad acting, bad script, bad hair and clothes - but it left me wanting to watch other (bad) 80s malay movies, like Mekanik, Adik Manja, Marah2 Sayang and my all time favourite - Ali Setan! Anyone can tell me where I can find these movies online?

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