Entry: Having Nice Hair Makes Me Feel Good Wednesday, June 25, 2008

So, I have a new haircut. It's a bob, ala Katie Holmes, you know, long sides, shorter back and bangs. And I'm pretty pleased with it. It's much quicker for me to wash and dry my hair now, it's easier to manage and it looks neater and healthier. Also, it's a hit in the office, I've had quite a number of compliments from my colleagues - both male and female - they like it!

Even my mother likes it - she told my sister that it makes me look younger!

But the LOL moment came this morning when I took a cab to work. I wasnt feeling too sociable, so didnt chat with the cabbie throughout the journey. While paying him, the cabbie, who's an elderly 'pakcik', asked if I was Malay, to which I answered that yes, my mother is.

He then said, "oh you look like an actress".

Tee hee.

So I replied, "actress - yeah, kucing kurap actress!"

He laughed at that and then said, "no, you look like Sofia Jane*, very pretty".

GIGGLE! Now, isnt that a LOL moment!

I look NOTHING like Sofia Jane, but I'm telling you, my haircut must be doing wonders to my face! :-)

Oh, the only person who doesnt like my haircut is the BF. He says he preferred me with longer hair and that he didnt want me to look like a 'generic Cina'!

Tough, the BF will just have to live with my current style for awhile before I grow out my hair, 'cos for once in my life, I actually LIKE my hair! :-D

*Sofia Jane - Malaysian actress


July 3, 2008   03:04 PM PDT
Hehehehehehe...... funny! LOL.. so funny!

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