Entry: Cry me a river Monday, September 08, 2008

I watched King Kong on telly last night (the Peter Jackson version) for the second time and I cried again. Yes, again.

The first time I watched it, I didnt know what to expect. I had not watched any of the Kong movies before - not the original nor the 70s version, and so I thought it was going to be an exciting adventure-type movie with a giant ape and T-rexes thrown in for good measure. What I didnt expect was it to be a real tearjerker. I had gone to watch it with the BF and I couldnt understand why or how the movie was affecting me so much. I tried desperately to stop my tears from falling, and at first I just about managed. But, during the climax, when Kong was on top of the Empire State Building, being shot at and finally falling to his death, I couldnt help it - tears just POURED out of me and I continued sobbing all the way through the credits. The BF, to his credit, was very nice about it - he didnt laugh at me, and agreed that it was a very very sad film and that he understood why I was crying.

So that was the first time. And when I started watching it on telly last night, I thought to myself, I know what to expect, so surely I wont cry again.

WRONG! I sobbed like a baby during the ending.

I'm so pathetic. But the thing is, I'm usually not. I dont cry at films. Well, ok, so I do, but at only selected ones, like King Kong. Millions of women cried when Jack died in the Titanic - I didnt even bat an eyelash and just thought to myself, selfish Rose should have offered him some space on her floating suitcases, then he wouldnt have died. [I also thought Rose looked waaaaaaaaaaaaay older and bigger than Jack!] I even watched the Mel Gibson Jesus movie (sorry, cant remember the title of the film) and while everyone else were sniffing and weeping during the crucifix-scene, I was horrified by it, and grossed out by it, and couldnt watch bits of it - but it didnt make me cry. Though come to think of it, I may have stumbled into a Filipino cinema in Manhattan since the majority of people watching were Filipinos - which meant they were all Catholic - and it was Easter - so perhaps that's why they took it so seriously.

There was another movie I watched with a colleague, a romantic dramedy about an older divorced woman falling in love with the 20 year old son of her therapist. It was a bitter sweet movie, and my colleague was practically bawling when the on-screen couple broke up. I just didnt get it - why would anyone cry at that?

Though, people might ask me, why did I cry at the death of a make-believe giant ape?

Perhaps it's the animal-lover in me that doesnt like seeing animals (including make-believe giant apes) die a horrible death? Hmm, maybe.

If that's the case, then I dont think I'll be watching Marley and Me when it comes out - for those who havent read the book yet - sorry, because I've just given the ending away. For those who have - do you think you can watch something that sad?

Back to King Kong, the BF said that the original Kong (the one from the 30s) is even more sad than the version I watched yesterday. He said that although the special-effects were quite naive (well, of course it would be, they didnt have the technology we have now), it was very emotional and even he cried when he watched it.

We're planning to watch the original King Kong together one of these days. I think we're going to need plenty of tissues!



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