Entry: Addicted! Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Like David Duchovny's sex addiction in reel and real life, the BF and I also have a guilty little secret.

We too have an addiction.

An internet addiction.

[Sorry to disappoint, if you were expecting a more exciting confession!]

The BF reads his newspaper online. He is also addicted to youtube, where he finds ALL the music vids of bands I havent even heard off - from punk, rock, even reggae. He is also addicted to all sorts of forums - on politics, diving, money, music, living in Singapore, how to fix a laptop - whatever DIY you need doing, he'll probably get onto one forum or another to get advice on how to do it.

The BF can spend hours, and I do mean HOURS on the internet, just surfing and reading and listening to music. In fact, I was offered a posting in a rather interesting Third World Country, and although I was game to go, the BF wasnt, as he read that there was NO internet in that country! If that's not addiction, I dont know what is!

Though, on hindsight, I'm pretty glad that I didnt take up the offer, or rather, the circumstances didnt allow me to take up the offer, as I dont think I could survive without the internet either.

As everyone knows, I'm addicted to TV.

And since moving back to Singapore, I've been too cheap to subscribe to any cable channels or the latest Singtel offering, Mio TV. And there's really no point watching Channel 5 since all the 'latest' tv shows are a season or two behind the States (with the exception of American Idol, of course). And I've watched all the latest seasons of all my favourite TV shows. So what do I do? I'm not going to wait until Channel 5 catches up - which will be never - so there's only one thing to do:

I watch tv shows online.

Dont you just love broadband!

Oh, and since it's not the 'fall season' yet, I havent been watching that many programmes. I've been keeping up with:

(dont worry, no spoilers!)

America's Next Top Model Cycle 11 - they're in LA and there's a tranny in the competition!! Go Isis!

Project Runway Season 5 - there's a Cher wannabe in the competition!!

Gossip Girl Season 2 - what can I say, I LURVE this teen-drama-soap-in-the-city series!

90210 - I had to watch it. I know, it's lame, but you would too, if you were a teen in the 90s and didnt miss a single episode and had massive crushes on Luke Perry and Jason Priestly... what manly sideburns they had!

Weeds Season 4 - the show's about weed, what's not to like? :-D

And when the fall season does start, I cannot wait for these:

Grey's Anatomy, Season 5 - it's a hospital drama - almost like ER but its light and frothy.. Ok, it's nothing like ER. If these hospital shows are like coffee, then ER is like an expresso and Grey's a cappuccino.

Desperate Housewives, Season 5 (or is it 6, I've lost count) - they're going five years into the future, how can I not watch that!! Will the women of W(H)ysteria Lane age?

Brothers and Sisters - Rob Lowe. Senator. Yum. Oh yeah, the Ally McBeal chicky is in it too, you know, Indiana Jones' girlfriend in real life. She's still as annoying as ever, by the way.

The L Word - (Lots of) Sex in the (west coast) city for lesbians!

Heroes!!!!! After an absolutely CRAP season 2, season 3 had better be good! Save the cheerleader, save the.... ok, I know, I'm a geek.

Cashmere Mafia - 4 powerful women in NY, with man issues and fabulous wardrobes. No, it's NOT sex and the city, but it might as well be!

Dirty Sexy Money - it's Dynasty, without the Dy. A senator cheating on his wife with a tranny. A priest who has a child out of wedlock and lies to his wife about it? Hard to resist! Also, the other chicky from Ally McBeal and Cashmere Mafia, Lucy Liu, will be in season 2. And she's always bitchy, which is always enjoyable!

24 - Jack Bauer, where have you been - I've missed you! Though I do have a replacement - Adam Carter from Spooks!

And of cos, season 2 of the David Duchovny series, Californication. Will he have sex with other women even if/when he gets together with the woman he truly loves? Why is he so addicted to sex?

Why am I so addicted to tv?

That's it, i'm not watching anything online tonight!

(But I will watch Spooks on dvd tonight!)



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