Entry: A little trip down memory lane... Monday, October 06, 2008

This whole fasting month was a month of looking back in time for me.

During a visit to my parent's last week, and I found pics of my parents waaay back in the 60s and 70s. My Dad looked very handsome - he looked very 'TV hero from the 60s'. And my mum had a tiny waistline, probably half the size of it her current waistline. They made a very good looking couple, I have to say.

Then I found pictures of myself in school. I realise that I was quite a vain little thing. In my Primary 2 class picture, I was sitting down, had put both hands on a knee, slanted my body and pouted! What was I thinking! I remember looking over at my classmate - who looked waaaay older than 8 - and she was posing in quite a grown up manner, and I thought to myself, I want to look grown up too. Unfortunately, my pose didnt come out quite the way I wanted it to. :-)

Looking at other primary school class photos, it also brought back memories of me being ostracized by my malay classmates. Having a non-Malay/Muslim name, the girls couldnt figure out my race, and so didnt want to play with me or share my water-bottle. Mean Girls from the 80s! Though, really, I couldnt understand the difference myself. I thought I was Malay and told my teachers that I was. (Which in turn meant that my school fees were subsidized for six years - YEY!) So, looking back, how does one explain to a bunch of 10 year-olds that although I may not have a 'binte' in my name, I'm of the same religion! How would they know? So I made friends with the Chinese girls, and there was only one Malay girl, who was open-minded enough to 'accept' me and we eventually became best friends. Funnily enough though, when I was demoted to a 'B' class in my 5th year of Primary School, the malay girls were a lot more accepting of me. I remember being a lot happier in the B class, and I'm sure the girls of 5A were probably glad to see me go too - only to see my return to 6A the following year!

Back in 2008, I also visited Geylang during the fasting month. The BF, two friends and I went on a Saturday night and I was reminded why I've not been to the Geylang bazaar for years and year - it was SO crowded and it was SO hot! And aside from food, there wasnt really anything to buy either, stuff looked cheap, and every other shop sold the same thing. Rather boring for me, but it was an eye-opener for the BF. He said he has never seen anything quite like it! Anyway, while doing the rounds, I spotted Mr N, the best friend of my ex-boyfriend (circa 90-94). Oh sh*t, I thought to myself, if Mr N is here, then I bet ex-bf IZ will be around too! I havent seen IZ since I left Singapore 13 years ago, and it wasnt exactly an amicable split. Even while I was overseas, IZ would write me super soppy love letters - enclosing his pictures - and begging for forgiveness. He even sent cards to my parents, and also visited them! I thought it was all very sad and creepy!

True enough, I spotted IZ. And he looked exactly the same, still skinny with unkempt hair, and I wondered to myself (yet again) what I ever saw in him. But I didnt want a reunion there at Geylang, so I ducked my head and quickly walked past him. I didnt know if IZ saw me, as I didnt want to make eye-contact, but I couldnt resist telling my friend who I saw. She turned to look at him, and said that he looked shocked and was trying to look into the crowd to confirm if it was me. Oh dear. Told the BF what had happened and he thought it was all very sweet! :-S

Meanwhile on Facebook, I've been getting requests from friends whom I've lost contact with since leaving school in '93. One request came from a school-mate who used to call me SPG-banana (dont ask) and she actually called me that again on her message in Facebook. I found it really odd, as I've not spoken to her since leaving school, and is that really the way to re-start a friendship? Oh I dont know, maybe it is! Another schoolmate wrote a very nice message but I havent replied as I dont really know what to say to her.

Back to Mr N, his wife, whom I met probably twice or three times at most, also sent me a message and requested me to add her as a friend. I agreed but also found the request really odd - its not like we were best buds back in the day. Mr and Mrs N stayed with me twice in London and that was that. According to a source, Mrs N is picky about her friends, but apparently she has a good opnion about me. Hmm, I'm sure it wasnt my charms or looks that did it - probably had something to do with me living in a pretty nice flat in St John's Wood!

So that was my blast with the past. Looking back, it's all very funny. I can spend hours looking at old photographs, and even reading my old diaries. Never fails to amuse me. Hope this blog will continue to be up 50 years from now, so that I have something to read when I'm old and toothless! :-)


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