Entry: The Mole Wednesday, November 12, 2008

So, I have gone and finally done it. I now know what movie stars, singers, famous people, have gone through in their quest for perfection. Heck, even my mother has gone through it, and now it's my turn.

I've had cosmetic surgery.

Oh, but dont worry, nothing drastic, havent had botox or anything major like that.

I've just removed a mole from my face.

Not just any mole, it's my 'Madonna' mole, as I used to call it. Above my lip and under my left nostril. Just like Ms Ciccone, except that mine grew double the size of hers and had hair sticking out of it. Mmm.. very attractive.

When I told a friend about what I did, he exclaimed, "but that's your trademark!!". It may be so, but not only do I have.. I mean, did I have a Madonna mole, I'm also blessed with a Cindy Crawford mole too. Also in the same position as Cindy and about the same size IF it doesnt grow bigger. In addition to that, I also have a mole on the side of my nose, quite a large one, but at least it's relatively flat and no stray hairs in sight.

And that's just the moles on my face, I'm not going to start about the moles on my body!

So I was getting rather self-conscious about my Madonna mole. Everytime I met the rellies, they'd ask if my mole was getting bigger (yes Auntie, it is!). And even my late Grandad used to tell me that I should remove the Madonna mole. I always wondered what why he didnt like that particular mole - maybe he could tell that it was going to grow into a huge monster mole that would end up covering my nostril which in turn would cause me difficulties in breathing? Or maybe that was just my overactive imagination... sorry.

Anyway, after thinking and plucking (stray hairs) and thinking some more about what to do with the mole, I finally decided that I wanted to get rid of it. So I picked up the phone, rang the National Skin Centre and made an appointment to see the doctor for a consultation.

The doctor, a nice young man, but who seemed to try rather desperately to sound and act cool - he had probably watched too many episodes of Nip/Tuck and fancied himself to be a Julian McMahon-type plastic surgeon, sat me down and asked me deep soul-searching questions. Just kidding. Kidding about the soul-searching questions, not about the Doctor that was trying too hard to be cool. He just asked which mole I wanted to get rid off and why.

I told him about how it was growing bigger and how I was worried it could possibly turn into something cancerous. Not that I was really worried about that, I was just trying to charge the surgery fees to my Medisave account and not cough up my own cash. Unfortunately for me, the doctor took one look at my mole - with the largest magnifying glass I've ever seen - and said everything looked normal - Damn! - and that it would be considered a cosmetic procedure, not a medical one, which meant no touching my medisave account!

The doctor then explained that because my mole is a raised mole, he would have to surgically remove it, ie, cut it out, and not, as I had hoped, have it blasted out by laser. This would mean, stitches, and (gulp!) scarring. Not major scarring, but damn it, this is my face we're talking about - I didnt want to look like a freak with a huge red scar on my face!

So I was faced with quite a dilemma. It was a decision not to make lightly - to cut or not to cut?

A minute later, I decided - OFF WITH THE MOLE - and made an appointment to have surgery done the following month.

To be continued................


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