Entry: I know I should be flattered... Saturday, January 31, 2009

... but really, it's beginning to annoy me.

I have a female colleague who is also my lunch buddy. She's a nice girl and all, chatty, generous, and we get along quite well. However, what annoys me is that Ms WorkFriend tends to talk about herself ALL the time. It's always about HER problems in the office, HER problems at home, HER son, HER life, HER HER HER! Even when I'm telling her something about my life or my day at work, somehow the conversation will go back to HER! These days, I tend to lend her a listening ear, but have stopped telling her my own stories - it seems pointless. I suppose I should feel flattered that she's confiding in me, and after listening to all her problems (and believe me, she has lots!), I can see how she's in desperate need of attention.

The thing that really annoys me is that she is rather sparing with compliments. No, I'm not attention-starved and want her to compliment me 24/7, but when I showed her a necklace I made (yes, I'm artistic and I make things!), she doesnt seem to be able to show much enthusiasm for them. She would just nod or smile to acknowledge whatever I've shown her, but would then follow-up with a negative comment like, 'oh, but this is too big, I would like it better if it was smaller', or 'oh nice, but too bad its not in black/white/blue'. Meanwhile, if I show the necklaces to other colleagues whom I'm not even that close to, they would be really enthusiastic about my efforts - one colleague even bought one of my necklaces! But what did Ms WorkFriend do? She went off to Island Shop - WITH ME - and bought a necklace which I could have easily made for her for half the price! It was as if she has no faith in my abilities and wanted to show me that she'd rather buy the necklace from a shop. Thanks for the support!

Or the time I showed her my brand new red Kate Spade suede handbag. Ms WorkFriend did show some enthusiasm and said, "oooh nice, but I dont really like red handbags'. WTF - it's my handbag, I'm not asking YOU to carry it! :-P About a month later, she shows up at work with a new handbag and surprise, surprise, Ms I-Dont-Really-Like-Red-Handbags bought a fire-engine red one, and proceeded to talk about how everyone in the office noticed and complimented her new (I'm being catty now but I dont care) $30 handbag!

One time, I was window-shopping with her at a shopping mall. A complete stranger came up to me and told me she really liked my leather pass-holder asked me where I bought it from. I told her that I had bought it in the Coach outlet in the States and proceeded to have a short chat about how expensive Coach bags/items were in Singapore. Ms WorkFriend was quiet throughout the conversation. Then surprise, surprise, what do I see around her neck a few weeks later? You guessed it - an almost identical fake leather pass holder!

It doesnt end there! I have a black jacket that I wear in the office when it gets cold. It's nothing special, just a plain black zip-up cotton-lycra jacket from Gap - a sort of 'biker chick' look to it. Ms WorkFriend didnt seem to pay any special attention to it, she didnt ask me about my jacket, nor did she compliment me when I wore the jacket, and I wasnt expecting any compliments anyway - like I said, it wasnt anything special, just slightly different from the other jackets/cardigan people wear at work. A couple of weeks later... that's right folks, she bought a similar 'biker chick' jacket, except that her's was shiny pleather and had unnecessary zips all over. She proudly went around the office saying she bought a 'biker chick' jacket because she wanted to be a 'rebel'.

Er... ok.....

Anyway, I suppose imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but I tell you, I'm getting mighty tired of being flattered!

Will stop being so catty now and write about something that happened to me in the ladies bathroom yesterday.

I had a tummy upset in the morning, so I headed off to the bathroom to relieve myself. The bathroom was empty, and I thought, oh great, I have the place to myself and can pretty much be as noisy as I want. :-D Not that I was.... but anyway, back to the story. I decided to use the third last cubicle because the water pressure was much stronger than the others. As I sat there, half day-dreaming, half falling asleep, I suddenly heard flushing noises from the cubicle next to me. 'Strange', I thought to myself, 'I thought there was no one else in the bathroom'. It sounded as though there was a blockage and the person using the toilet had to flush multiple times. The flushing noise continued and after awhile, I started to get a very strange feeling about the whole thing. The hairs on my neck started to stand, and I thought, 'I have to get out of here! I dont want to know who or WHAT is in the next cubicle!' I quickly finished my 'business', and walked out of the cubicle. I took a quick peek at the cubicle and the door was wide open! I looked around the bathroom and there was no one in the bathroom! And horrors of horrors, the flushing continued!

I kept cool, washed my hands and refused to look in the mirrors in case I saw something I didnt want to see. I pretty much RAN out of the bathroom, feeling rather spooked!

I told a few colleagues who've been working in the company for a long while, and they said they too have heard this story before, but have not experienced it first hand. Oh dear... I was trying to be rational, told myself it was probably bad plumbing or something, but my office building is a pretty spooky place. I've heard stories from several colleagues who've had first-hand experiences with the unknown. Spooky!

Of course, when I told Ms WorkFriend about my experience this morning, she managed to turn the story round to how she had experienced something in another ladies' toilet, and how her husband was once possessed! I told you, it's ALWAYS about HER HER HER!!!


February 4, 2009   11:08 AM PST
Single White Female comes to mind. Best thing is get rid of her, quick!
February 5, 2009   04:27 PM PST
perhaps she was the one haunting the bathroom? :-D

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