Entry: The Ring Thursday, April 23, 2009

Went ring shopping last night with the BF - sorry, I mean, fiance (still getting used to calling him that) and man, wedding bands in Singapore are FUGLY! Whether 18 carat white gold, or platinum - all the designs shown to me had tiny diamonds embedded in the rings - which was not at all what I wanted! As I explained to the saleswomen at the shops we went to, I wanted a simple ring, no design, no diamond, just a simple band. They said plain wedding bands were mainly for men, not ladies. Oh COME ON! Seriously???!!

After trying a few on, and totally not liking any of them, I asked again for a plain band. Only then did they bring out one or two rings that they had, and on trying the plain band with an diamond solitaire engagement ring, it was absolutely clear to me that a plain band was what I wanted. Also, a plain wedding band is cheaper than the crap with diamonds - one ring cost only S$390!

The thing is, I have rather small fingers, and they are the slimmest part of me! It's actually quite surprising, I am large everywhere, well aside from my tits and fingers, so small, slim rings fit my finger better than a large chunky ones. Apparently, I'm a size 6-7, who knows what that means. But what I found out last night was this: the advantage of having small fingers is that an average-sized rock (say 0.7 or 0.8 carat) would look pretty damn good on my finger! Major bling! I like!! :-D

The fiance also made me try a 2 carat diamond engagement ring! No, it was just for fun, he has no intention of getting me anything that huge! OMG it looked absolutely MASSIVE on my finger, I suddenly felt like I was a Hollywood Star or a Tai Tai! I mean, like any other girl, I like bling, but it was just so over-the-top and if I owned a ring like that, I would NOT be wearing it everyday, I can tell you that! I'd be too afraid!

So, we didnt buy anything yesterday, but it's a good start. At least I know what I want now.

The only problem I have now is for the fiance. He doesnt intend to wear a wedding ring - and I'm not bothered if he doesnt - but I'm just wondering what we should do at the civil ceremony when we're exchanging rings?

Hmm, more stuff to think about!

PS: Sorry, this blog is going to get pretty boring, cos it'll prob be about weddings, marriage, how to stop myself from killing busybody relatives, how to stop the wedding from turning into a freakshow/circus, etc, etc, etc! Bear with me!


April 23, 2009   11:21 PM PDT
you're 6-7?

mine is 5! my right ring finger is 5.5!
April 24, 2009   10:09 AM PDT
thats bcos you're skinny! :-) i was pretty surprised my fingers arent larger cos i thot once you put on weight, it goes everywhere, inc the fingers!

anyway, the fiance has ordered my engagement ring! From the States, and imagine this, for rings size 4 (that's my size in the US) and below, they hv to custom make the damn thing! :-D
April 24, 2009   07:23 PM PDT
alah, exchange je la rings during yr ceremony, so what if dia tak nak pakai ... unless if you want to exchange some other jewellery!!! he can always give you his signet ring to be used in the ceremony what ;-)
April 27, 2009   10:54 AM PDT
yeah, thats what we might do actually.. why waste money buying a ring for him when he's not going to use it!

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