Entry: Update from the SPG Thursday, October 07, 2010

Yes, still alive. I realise I havent written in such a loooong while, as pointed out to me by my pal Mr Frenchman. Let's see, what have I done since my last post:

1. I got married.
2. Husband left me after two months. Not for good, but to go on a two-week diving trip in Egypt!
3. Then I left after four months. Not for good, it was to go on a language course.
4. Came back to Singapore for a month, to pack up, then WE (yes, husband too) moved to another country.
5. I now work for an asshole.
6. Husband has left me. Again. Not for good, just for 5 weeks to go on a diving trip back in Asia!!

Hmm, that's quite a lot of change for a year! And quite a lot of separation for newly-weds I think! But we are so used to having a long-distance-relationship - he lived in London and I lived in New York, then in Singapore for the first 3 years of our relationship - that now, it doesnt seem to bother us too much when we are apart. I mean, we miss each other, of course, but I think, secretly, we like having our freedom to do our own thing when the other is not around. Probably because we are both so used to living on our own for so many years. :-)

Hubby felt really guilty about going back to Asia for his five week diving trip, but I persuaded him to do it because:

1. he was bored in our new country; and
2. I needed my own space again. :-)

Actually, Hubby also felt guilty about going on his Egypt diving trip so soon after our wedding, but I persuaded him to go because it was a huge planned trip and all of his buddies were going. Though, I didnt feel too guilty about moving away for four-months, although in my case, it was work-related, not for pleasure.

Oh and speaking of learning a new language, I had to learn German for four months! It is really the most difficult language I've ever learnt - and here I thought French was bad, you know with the two genders and the conjugation of verbs, etc. OMG - German is awful. It has THREE genders - feminine, masculine AND neutral, and then this complicated grammar rule - nominativ, akkusativ, dativ and.. oh I dont know what the hell that rule was for. And some of the words were so long, Germans seem to string a few words to make it into one word, for eg:


How do you even begin to pronounce such a word? Oh and the above means '"beef labeling regulation & delegation of supervision law".

So as you might be able to guess, I was pretty lost most of the four months, but miraculously managed to pass my written and oral German exams. And with me passing the exam, it means that I can actually marry a German man and live here - that is, if I wasnt already married and wasnt posted here!

And after suffering for four months, having to struggle through homework and having to speak German every single day, now that I actually work and live here, I dont think I'm using that much German. Everyone speaks English here, well, maybe not the older East German aunties, I suppose, but most time, I can get away with speaking English! So the four months were a waste of time! Ok, maybe not a waste of time, I did get to make friends with people of different nationalities and ages, so that was quite fun.

Anyway, more later, got to deal with Germans now!

PS: In case you couldnt tell, Hubby and I have moved to Germany! :-)


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