Merlion Monkey » eh need to update Profile, now living in the Land Of Merlion not in NYC!
pugly » Oopps ... haha ... sorry ... terkeluar pulak
SPG » Hi Pugly - thanks for stopping by but jangan lah sebut nama I on my blog! Forced to delete yr comments!
SPG » Hi Pugly - thanks for stopping by but jangan lah sebut nama I on my blog! Forced to delete yr comments!
SPG » thanks for stopping by!
+a-ciel-L'+ » hi..justblogwalking from indonesia..hehe
SPG » Hi ABZ! Selamat Hari Raya to you too! Maaf Zahri Batin. Hope you've been having a great Raya so far..
ABZ » SeLamaT Hari Raya SPG! Maaf Zahir BATin
SPG » Thanks Max! Spent the first day of Raya at work, but on the 2nd day, we went to my colleague's house and stuffed our faces! Yeyy! Hope you had a great Raya yourself!
Max Muchacho » Salam Syawal, SPG. Hope you had a good raya.
Max » Hey SPG, sorry for being so busy. However, I am having my holidays now. I will catch up with you soon. Take Care.
spg » where got censorship dah.. I blame your office!
ABZ » i can actually get access to your blog NOW! NO SENSORSHIPS NO MORE...!!!!
C.J » cool site check out my site
Zal » sounds lovely to me.... hehehe...
SPG » haiya, ok fine, you guys caught me, i havent updated my personal details!! so shd it read as "currently in a loving rship?"
Zal » excuse me.. but arent u dating/seeing someone?? so def cannot be single!!
SPG » well, i am SINGLE - not married!!
oj » Dey! Tukarlah that "currently v single" bit in your "About Me" section
SPG » thanks JC... !! indeed, it must be true love!
jc » wow! glad to hear that borh of u actually work out so well together...lovey dopey...have fun!
jc » wow! great to hear the good news that both of u actually work out very well ..officially together..lovey couple! have fun!
Max » Great to see you too for even thougg it is for a short time. We will see each other again one day. Take Care.
SPG » hey, thanks vixen for visiting... and yes, i am a virgo!
vixen » hi i love your blog feel free to vist my blog at any time just press on my name. are you a virgo?
SPG » i've been so busy lately.. so no time to blog, you know what's its like just before a holiday!
Max » Yo...What happen to the blog..
Max » SPG and All, Happy New Year 2006. May All The Wishes for this year come true. Cheers.
Zal » Yes SPG, i remembered vividly how u FORCE me to try your spinach soup!!! hehehe!!!
Max » Zal, u can read my blog...hehehe
Max » Hey sure do, I'll drop by your bro in law's shop. I will mention ur name and get discounts..haha..cheapskate. Hey..wassup with the nose bleed. Take care..its getting cold in NY.
Zal » Kesian nya!! Hope u feeling much better today... Rest well..
SPG » sorrylah zal, experiencing blogger's block!
Zal » SPG!! why no updates?? Im bored here lah.. go and update now!!
Zal » Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to everyone. Maaf Zahir Batin!!! SPG updates on the Raya preparation in NYC ok.. Muakz!!
Zal » Thanks SPG.. Max, you shld check out the shop if time permits.. Plenty of gorgeous designs!!
SPG » Zal, OJ is arriving on wed! oh and i'll email you max's emaill add ok!
SPG » hey max, yeah, my sis told me abt the suria show. ya he does nice stuff for both men & women, you shd check out the shop!
Max » Zal, SPG has my e-mail address..Do ask from her k. Salam Aidilfitri to SPG and all from Max in Singapore. Maaf Zahir Batin. Happy Eid Mubarak
Zal » Has OJ arrived yet??
Max » Hey Zuhri went on the Malay TV Show here, TGIF, Suria. He was showing of his business of baju kurung which I kind of like it. Cool job done by him. Perhaps I should rush up to his shop and buy.
Zal » pls remain strong... i know u can control yrself..
SPG » oh thank you.. let me email you the ones i wrote for OJ and her bf! Fasting now, so not pigging out too much, but its getting cold dah.. feel like eating nonstop!
Zal » So clever one!!! i like it.... dont be so stressed out ok... just watch what u eat.. itu saja..
SPG » oh you know i will! it's U2...!!!!
Zal » Yo.. Enjoy the concert ok.. and update me... Zal
Max » ok had done mine..check it out
Max » apa seh meme ? hehehe
SPG » 05_m-09_d-07_y-2005_o-0.html
SPG » nah go read her blog: 05_m-09_d-07_y-2005_o-0.html
SPG » no, no, it's bcos OJ meme'd me, actually she meme'd you too, didnt you read her blog??? whatever meme means...
Max » Oh my god, you are counting the years of your life. hehehehe...birthday recaps?
SPG » thanks max!
SPG » There, dah update pun!
OJ » DEYY!!!! Bila nak update ni haa?!
Max » Happy Birthday SPG! hope you had fun in London.
Zal » go and updage now!!! how things??? any juicy gossips?? email too... miss ya!!
SPG » hey max, just got back from london, will update my blog soon!
Max » ?? Where are you, blog so far? hehee
Max » ahem....hehehe..make love not war..Cool..
SPG » i've been, ahem, busy lah... will write soon, i promise!
Max » Yo..SPG, will get back to you real soon. However, what happen after you blog about Harry? hehehe..there was a silence of no blogs. Hmmm..
SPG » Hi Derby.. thx for stopping by
DERBY » hello
Zal » genie in a bottle... going to rub u the rite way!!!
SPG » max - not busy anymore... my genie has left ny!
SPG » actually this was my original layout, but i somehow managed to screw it up and then had to change it to pink.. terre!
Wingz » wow! new layout! cool!
Max » foreplay? hehehehe..
SPG » oh well, i have been busy, at work and at play!
Max » SPG, Welcome To Blogging Again.. Wait til I come over..I bring u Tarts k...heheh
SPG » No lah, all i want to do is lose 1 more kilogram and i'll be happy. and then try to maintain this weight!
Max » Good for you, just follow a strict diet but don be too skinny yeah..u know what i it's big at the right places. Trust me.
SPG » nothing to do with genie - its the losing weight that's making me happy!
Max » Of course it's a good day for you as Genie is in town....Happy Loving..
Max » ok so my fren was telling the truth. Okie dokie..thanks
SPG » yup there was a puerta-rican day parade last weekend.. went last year, but didnt bother this year, too crowded.
Max » Hey SPG, did NY just celebrated Puerto Ricon Day or something at the streests? Heard it from a friend.
SPG » just got it off the internet lah.. googled for it!
Max » hey..where the hell u get that comic picture? Hahaha..kelakar dah..
Max » Hahahahahahaa..hoiits that's gross! It's like asking me to see a lady with a chest like a Man. Arghh..Weird Weird..
SPG » An even scarier sight is when I see a man with bigger breasts than me! (which is not difficult!)
Max » hahahaa...tats an ugly sight. But hey I did some having it...
SPG » hehe, i dont think i'd want my man to have man-breasts, thanks!
Max » hehehe...big in the right places...hehehe...especially the chest level. Hey, hang on, shall e-mail u my ex fat pic..haha
SPG » Welcome and thanks for reading my blog SweetAmelia.
SweetAmelia » Nice blog! You're very humorous.
SPG » did you see the pic? sent it to yr yahoo acc.
Max » haha kau ni pun. Ok shoot...and we shall exchange my ex fat pic when i was in phuket
SPG » max - let me email you a real fat pic of me, taken in march!
SPG » not i'm not on leave, my out of office msg is acting up again!
SPG » not i'm not on leave, my out of office msg is acting up again!
Max » Hehehe..Just as I thought. Your weight is maintaining at that level. Good Fer Ya..Just don go lower yeah..Trust's your ideal weight.
ABZ » Hey...on leave again issit?? Where'd u go??? well, wt least u got something to write
SPG » yes, i'm the other one. i did gain weight after i came back from sg (in feb), but lost 2kg while i was in france! yey!
Max » ERrrr.....i thought the one with the muddy face is SPG...SPG...if the other one is you...kau makin berisi at the right places...
OJ » yeah Max, I bet you like my very muddy face!
SPG » Max, that's the idea!
Max » errr...oh my that u two with the floating cow? couldn't really recognise any of you. haha